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Annual Army Wakeboard and Water-ski Championships

By March 14, 2018 No Comments

The annual Army Wakeboard and Water-ski Championships held at Box End Park in Bedford went underway at the beginning of July. This year over 30 competitors entered ranging in ability from complete beginner to advanced. On the first day, everyone was put into a category depending on their ability. As the week progressed so did many of the riders, learning new tricks and becoming a lot more confident on the water regardless of how many falls they took. On the second day Maj Clayton and Cpl Romans took to mentoring the beginners and intermediates, pushing them to better themselves using a trick sheet that they put together. This proved extremely effective with many of the intermediate riders learning tricks that even the more advanced riders were learning. Unfortunately, the weather took a turn for the worst on the day of the cable competition but this did not phase any of the riders. The beginners took to the cable first with many of them completing their first lap with some even attempting obstacles as a wild card trick. As the intermediates took to the water their coaches stood watching anxiously hoping that their students perform well. The intermediates did extremely well as a result to the coaching that they received with many of them performing tricks to a very high standard. When it came to the ladies competition the rain started to pour, but they weren’t going to let that dampen their spirits and all the ladies put down two very good runs with some even attempting air tricks as their wild card. The advanced men finished off the competition to a very high standard showing what can be achieved with hard work and determination. To end the week we finished with our boat competition. This is where our water-skiers get to compete in the slalom course on either one or two skis. After some impressive runs from the skiers it was time for the wakeboarders to strut their stuff. Everyone had an impressive day behind the boat with some competitors landing tricks for the very first time. Once our judges had submitted the scores it was time for the prize giving. This year we were very fortunate with our prizes, many coming from Addicted Wake who are sponsoring the Army Team this year and cable passes from Liquid Leisure and boat sets at JB Ski. After the prize giving the Army Team was announced with some new faces based on the results from the week.